Prioritizing Safety and Competence

At Wind Trade Academy, we're deeply committed to fostering a culture of safety, ensuring every individual is equipped with essential knowledge and skills for the field. Our GWO Basic Safety Training (BST) has been meticulously curated to achieve this aim, focusing on real-world scenarios and hands-on applications.

This training equips participants with the essential knowledge and skills in areas such as first aid, working at heights, manual handling, fire awareness, and sea survival. These proficiencies not only enable you to ensure your own safety but also to support and care for your colleagues in the industry. In emergencies, participants will be prepared to carry out evacuations, perform rescues, and administer the necessary first aid to those in need.


Course Overview

The GWO Basic Safety Training is divided into the following six modules:
  • First Aid
  • Manual Handling
  • Fire Awareness
  • Working at Heights
  • Working at Heights & Manual Handling Combined
  • Sea Survival


Harness the power of both theoretical and practical training. The BST First Aid Module is designed to train participants to recognize and act upon life-threatening situations within the wind turbine environment. We aim to empower you to save lives, prevent injuries, and ensure that casualties receive the necessary care swiftly.


Navigating the wind turbine environment comes with its unique challenges. Our Manual Handling module emphasizes reducing potential musculoskeletal injuries. With a mix of seasoned and novice participants, the module fosters an environment of collaborative learning, ensuring everyone benefits from shared experiences.


Wind Trade Academy recognizes the critical nature of understanding and combating fires. Our Fire Awareness module is not just about dealing with fires but also focuses on preventing them. Participants are trained to evaluate fires, execute efficient evacuations, and, if safe, extinguish initial fires using basic equipment.


The wind industry often requires technicians to operate at considerable heights. This module is a deep dive into safe practices, the use of personal protective equipment, and conducting basic rescues in remote wind turbine settings. It's not about testing one's fear but ensuring comprehensive safety at heights.


A special two-day intensive module amalgamates the lessons from Working at Heights and Manual Handling. It's a holistic approach to understanding the challenges of wind turbine environments, ensuring participants leave with dual expertise. Completion earns participants two training records.


The offshore wind environment is demanding. Our Sea Survival module ensures participants are adept at managing offshore operations, from shore to installation vessels and wind turbines. Adhering to top industry guidelines, this module prepares participants for offshore regular and emergency scenarios.

Your Wind Career Starts Here

With a rich legacy in the wind energy sector, Wind Trade Academy is not just about imparting training but building a community of skilled, safety-conscious professionals. Our GWO BST reflects this commitment, backed by our seasoned trainers, comprehensive curriculum, and state-of-the-art training facilities.

The wind industry is evolving, and so are its safety requirements. By choosing Wind Trade Academy's GWO BST, you're not just enrolling for a course but investing in a future where safety and skill go hand in hand. Join us and set your course for a safer, more informed journey in the wind energy sector.