Refining Renewables: Expertise in Blade Repair

Wind turbines, the giants of renewable energy, rely heavily on the efficiency of their blades. These blades, often subjected to harsh weather conditions and wear and tear, occasionally require meticulous repairs to ensure optimal performance. The GWO Blade Repair (BR) module at Wind Trade Academy is a specialized training program that equips participants with a profound understanding of the nuances of wind turbine blade inspection and repair.


The GWO BR is divided into the following four modules:

  • A Holistic Approach to Blade Repair
  • Beyond Technical Skills: A Safety-Centric Curriculum


Our Blade Repair training is not just about imparting the technical know-how; it's about instilling a sense of responsibility and ensuring that every repair is executed with precision and safety in mind.

Wind turbine blades are subjected to extreme environmental conditions, from heavy gusts to freezing ice. Over time, these conditions can lead to wear and tear, affecting the turbine's efficiency and safety. Regular inspection and meticulous repair ensure these blades can withstand rigorous demands. The training not only provides theoretical knowledge but also emphasizes real-world scenarios. Participants will engage in hands-on experiences, simulating the exact challenges they might face in the field.

This module delves into the intricate details of blade repair, enabling participants to:

  • Conduct thorough wind turbine blade inspections and document findings comprehensively.
  • Execute repair tasks in accordance with industry-standard work instructions.
  • Preserve the aerodynamic profile and structural integrity of wind turbine blades made of glass fiber-reinforced composite parts.
Specifically, participants will master:
  • Laminate repairs, including leading edge and trailing edge repairs, impact up to five layers with a repair area not exceeding 500cm².
  • Core material replacement techniques up to 200cm².
  • Surface repairs pertaining to paint and gel coat, ensuring the blade retains its protective finish and aerodynamic efficiency.


  • Gain a comprehensive understanding of the risks and hazards specific to blade inspection and repair in the wind industry.
  • Develop strategies to control and mitigate those risks, ensuring their safety and the safety of their peers.
  • Respond appropriately in hazardous situations, maximizing safety through the correct use of personal protective equipment, emergency equipment, procedures, and ensuring impeccable craftsmanship.
With increasing global emphasis on renewable energy, wind turbines are rapidly becoming ubiquitous. As these numbers grow, ensuring the safe operation of each turbine becomes paramount.

Your Wind Career Starts Here

Blade repair is an art, a blend of technical prowess and precision. At Wind Trade Academy, we believe in not just building technicians but artists who understand the soul of a wind turbine. Our GWO Blade Repair (BR) training stands as a testament to this belief, fortified by our dedication to top-notch curriculum delivery, hands-on training, and safety guidelines.

Embrace the opportunity to become a sought-after blade repair technician in the ever-growing wind energy industry. By choosing Wind Trade Academy's GWO Blade Repair training, you're not just enhancing your technical skills; you're ensuring a future where precision, safety, and craftsmanship converge.