Mastering the Mechanics: Elevating Technical Proficiency

At Wind Trade Academy, our primary focus is to ensure that participants emerge from our training programs with the technical knowledge and hands-on experience necessary for the modern wind energy sector. Our GWO Basic Technical Training (BTT) is meticulously designed to arm individuals with essential technical skills for wind turbine operations, adhering to the highest industry standards.

Course Overview

The GWO Basic Technical Training encompasses five distinct modules to provide comprehensive technical knowledge:
  • Mechanical
  • Electrical
  • Bolt Tightening
  • Hydraulics
  • Installation


Empower yourself with the core mechanics of wind turbines. This module is tailored to enable participants to execute basic mechanical tasks under the watchful eye of a seasoned technician. Understanding the mechanical aspects of wind turbines provides a foundational bedrock for all wind turbine technicians. Grasping these basics ensures smoother transitions to more advanced technical tasks.


Safety and efficiency are paramount when dealing with electrical components in wind turbines. This module ensures that participants can safely navigate and work with electricity in a wind turbine environment under proper supervision. Electrical systems in wind turbines are intricate and demand a comprehensive understanding. By mastering these foundational electrical concepts, participants set the stage for more complex assignments in the field.


Bolt tightening, while seemingly straightforward, demands precision and safety. In this module, participants learn the art and science of bolt tightening using energy-powered tools. Emphasis is laid on both the correct and safe techniques of bolt tightening as well as planning, documenting, and reviewing bolt-tightening tasks. It serves as an introduction, preparing participants for company-specific bolt-tightening training through real-world scenarios.


Wind turbines can be challenging terrains; often, a single rescuer might be the first responder in an emergency. This module focuses on enabling participants to confidently handle such scenarios within a WTG's nacelle, tower, and basement. Training transcends the basics, ensuring every participant becomes proficient in advanced rescue methods, equipment, and techniques.


Wind turbine installations require a confluence of various technical skills. The BTT Installation Module focuses on equipping participants with the competencies to undertake basic installation tasks in a wind turbine environment under expert supervision. This comprehensive module encompasses training in basic hydraulics, mechanics, electricity, bolt tightening, and installation tasks, preparing participants for more specialized company-specific training.

Your Wind Career Starts Here

As the demand for renewable energy grows, so does the need for skilled technicians in the wind industry. Our training program is the stepping stone to meet that demand, ensuring that every participant is well-prepared to face the challenges and embrace the opportunities ahead.

Steeped in a tradition of excellence in the wind energy sector, Wind Trade Academy is more than just a training institution; we are a catalyst for cultivating a network of technically proficient, safety-conscious professionals. Our GWO BTT is a testament to this dedication, enriched by our team of veteran trainers, an expansive curriculum, and cutting-edge training infrastructures.

The technical demands of the wind industry continue to evolve, as do its safety and technical protocols. By choosing Wind Trade Academy's GWO BTT, you're making a strategic move toward a career that seamlessly blends safety with technical prowess. Embark on this transformative journey with us and steer your career towards a more knowledgeable and safety-oriented trajectory in the wind energy sector.