Uplifting Safety Standards

At Wind Trade Academy, our dedication to instilling the most advanced and critical safety measures for the wind industry remains unwavering. The GWO Crane and Hoist Training is meticulously crafted to encompass this commitment, providing participants with the expertise to operate and maintain small fixed cranes and hoists in the wind industry, both onshore and offshore.

Understanding the nuances of crane and hoist operation is paramount, especially in an industry where the stakes are high. This training prioritizes safety, ensuring that each participant is equipped to handle equipment responsibly and effectively. Given the diverse and generic scope that covers general components and functionalities, participants are thoroughly acquainted with the essence of using and maintaining these machines.


Course Overview

The GWO Crane and Hoist Training is segmented into two primary modules:
  • Module 1 - Crane and Hoist Basic User
  • Module 2 - Crane and Hoist inspection and Maintenance


Empowering participants with both theoretical and practical training, this module aims to bolster safety awareness when using cranes and hoists during service operations. It encompasses the skills required to safely operate common types of small, fixed cranes (e.g., 8 metric tons/ meter) and fixed hoists in the wind industry, onshore and offshore. Adherence to manufacturers' manuals, relevant documentation, and legislation is a core tenet of this module.

Modern wind industry operations heavily rely on equipment like small fixed cranes and hoists. These pieces of equipment, although seemingly straightforward, require a deep understanding to prevent mishaps. The Basic User module ensures participants are not just operators but knowledgeable users who comprehend the mechanics, risks, and precautions associated with these machines.


This module is meticulously designed to enable technicians to inspect, maintain, and test fixed small cranes and hoists in adherence to the relevant legislation. Participants are trained to align their practices with relevant manufacturer's inspection and maintenance manuals and documents. The overarching objective is to guarantee that each technician is adept at ensuring the operational integrity and safety of the equipment.

Ensuring the longevity and functionality of machinery goes beyond mere operation. Proper inspection and maintenance routines are paramount to a machine's lifecycle and safe operation. This module offers insights into the potential wear and tear, common issues, and recommended upkeep methods for cranes and hoists. Equipped with this knowledge, technicians can anticipate issues before they escalate and ensure machinery longevity.

Your Wind Career Starts Here

Understanding the intricate machinery in the wind industry can be overwhelming. That's why our GWO Crane and Hoist Training is specifically curated to bridge the knowledge gap and bring technicians up to speed on best practices. Through hands-on sessions and immersive practical exercises, participants get a real feel of machinery operations, instilling confidence and precision in their tasks.

Cranes and hoists in the wind industry have unique challenges, underscoring the importance of specialized training. Wind Trade Academy's GWO Crane and Hoist Training is our commitment to ensuring the highest standards of safety and proficiency. Supported by our expert trainers, detailed curriculum, and state-of-the-art facilities, this training ensures you’re well-equipped to handle these vital machines in real-world scenarios.

This training is about learning the ropes and prioritizing safety and efficiency at every step. Elevate your career in the wind industry by mastering the intricacies of crane and hoist operations with us.