Safeguarding Energies: Mastering Hazard Control

At Wind Trade Academy, we understand the significance of managing risks and ensuring safety, especially when dealing with hazardous energies that are prevalent within the wind industry. Our GWO Control of Hazardous Energies (CoHE) Training has been meticulously designed to address these challenges, ensuring every participant is well-equipped to handle hazardous energies in the wind turbine and wind farm environment.

Course Overview

The GWO CoHE is divided into the following four modules:

  • CoHE Basic Safety
  • CoHE Electrical Safety
  • CoHE Pressure Fluid Safety


Wind turbines are filled with various hazardous energies. Our CoHE Basic Safety module ensures participants are trained to act safely around these energies. The primary objective is to ensure that every participant, whether experienced or new, can carry out their assigned tasks without endangering themselves or others around them.


Electricity is a vital yet hazardous element within the wind industry. This module empowers participants to operate safely when working with or around electricity. The focus isn't on enhancing one's technical knowledge of electricity but on promoting safe practices when working with it. The course emphasizes using appropriate electrical PPE, preventive techniques, and essential safety procedures to mitigate risks associated with electrical hazards. Through real-world scenarios, we highlight potential dangers and best responses. This training is crucial for those who already possess technical know-how and want to ensure their safety and that of their colleagues.


Hydraulic and other pressurized fluids pose their own challenges in the wind turbine environment. Our Pressure Fluid Safety module is tailored to help participants navigate these challenges safely and efficiently. It emphasizes the importance of using the correct PPE, following safe work practices, and ensuring secure work conditions when handling pressurized fluids. Like the Electrical Safety module, this isn't about imparting technical knowledge but about ensuring participants know how to operate safely in environments where pressurized fluids are present. Our hands-on approach guarantees practical, actionable insights for all.

Why Choose Our CoHE Training?

With the rise in the number of wind farms globally, the demand for skilled and safety-conscious professionals in the sector has never been higher. Our GWO CoHE Training doesn't just meet industry standards - it sets them. We ensure that our participants leave with a certificate and the confidence to manage and mitigate risks associated with hazardous energies effectively.

Additionally, as the industry evolves, so does the nature of its hazards. Our training modules are continuously updated to reflect current safety standards and practices. By choosing Wind Trade Academy's GWO CoHE Training, you're investing in a safer, more informed future in the wind energy sector.

Your Wind Career Starts Here

The GWO CoHE Standard is more than just a training program. It's a commitment to safety, a testament to the importance of proper training, and an embodiment of Wind Trade Academy's pledge to produce top-tier, safety-conscious professionals for the wind energy industry. Join us today and ensure that you're technically proficient and adept at ensuring your safety and that of others when faced with hazardous energies.